The readers say it best: "Finally a magazine that evolved with me and my new family"

Blurring the lines between moms and the high fashion world, Milk & Heels is #1 fashion publication for trendy moms & mini's in Canada. We cover style stories, feature interviews, fashion stories, mom diaries (mom blogs), must have trends, street style etc. Every season we have a super mom star grace the cover and we pull out all the fashion and go wild with it in our digital/online magazine platform.


Our Digital Audience

  • USA 38%, Canada 45%, 17% International
  • Gender - Female/Male: 72% / 28%
  • Parents: 89%
  • Parents with children under 8 years old: 91%
  • Median Age: 29
  • Median HHI: $60,108
  • Age 18-34: 40%
  • Age 35-49: 33%
  • Estimated Annual Unique Visitors: 120,000/year
  • Current Monthly Page Views: 10,000+



Milk & Heels inspires mothers to think smart, have fun, explore style & design, stay fit, eat great, love hard and make things happen.


  1. A #TrendyMoms #1 Style Statements is her baby
  2. Sex + cocktail = relaxed, positive, productive mama
  3. Fact: Designer moms birth designer children.  
  4. Super Hero: A Mother. A.K.A SuperMom
  5. SuperPower: Delivering life & unconditional love. 
  6. My Home is a reflection of me and my family



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